We are Greenflash Universal, an innovative and evolving Marketing Firm here to help you grow your business by creating a strategic marketing program that helps you attract new customers and increase sales using both the Internet and traditional marketing channels.

Here is our step-by-step system for how we will build your strategic marketing program:

1. We will determine your niche market. To sell a product, you first need to know who needs it the most. Who has the biggest problem or need that your product solves? What product is solving their problem now and how is your product superior and/or a better value?

2. We will determine the best strategies to market to your niche market. Will it be advertising in trade publications, newspapers, magazines,  Internet advertising, telesales, email or text message blasts, outside sales reps, distributors, billboards, radio, TV, press releases, or something else? For marketing to be successful, you must get your message in front of the right people.

3. We will create a powerful benefit-rich sales message for your product that excites people to buy it. This is the art of salesmanship in print known as copywriting. Your marketing sales message has the biggest impact on the success of your business. It is what separates you from your competition and makes people choose to buy from your company over a competing company.

4. Our next job is to create elegant and highly professional marketing and advertising materials for your business. This includes sales letters, brochures, your website content, advertisements,  signs, billboards, PowerPoint presentations, radio commercials, etc.

5. Finally, we put your marketing program into action. This is when we have your sales letters printed and mailed, we negotiate and buy advertising for you, we  place your display ads, get your radio spot playing, launch your Internet advertising program, send out your press releases, etc.
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